The jacket is finally here! and it's PERFECT. It is beautiful,the colors are great, it fits me like a glove and
i love it.I'm 100 % happy with it. Thanks for all the work you done for it, like searcin' the fabrics and
sending the scans. I can assure you that this wasn' t the last jacket that i' m ordering from you. I' d like to
have couple more of these beauties!!! Finally i have to say this: you ended a three year search for a
gabardine jacket and one dream came true.Thanks a million for that. All the best,
Jukka Kataja (Finland)

i got the jacket this monday,and you´re right it looked wery good.I am really satisfied with it.A couple of
friends who saw it thought it looked cool.
Jens Johansson (Sweden)

Well the shirts are a big success and they fit great.
Diane & Patrick, DRIVE-IN (Quebec)


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